A Letter From Our Founder


Sharon Lockett, Founder & CEO
Leaders Without Limits
501(c) (3) Corporation
Formation: October 2nd, 2012
ID: 0400521714

Greetings of peace and prosperity,

I am the Founder and CEO of Leaders Without Limits of NJ, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization located in Jersey City, New Jersey. I am a life-long resident of Jersey City, New Jersey and the Hudson County area and am committed to giving back to the community for which I was raised and educated. I have a solid business and leadership background spanning over forty-years of customer service, client services, operations and business management experience.

I have a passion for children and a profound appreciation of the importance of education in a child’s life. My desire is to offer programs that will maximize children’s potential allowing them to become well-rounded individuals and positive contributors to society. Over my life-time I’ve been blessed to raise two pretty amazing children, plus seven others, all who have made a powerful difference in my life. They were all educated through the public school system, so I understand the struggles of a young person trying to navigate their way thru school. It’s not easy.

My life-long dream has been to create community-based programs to benefit low-middle income children to complement their formal learning and enhance their social and life skills. At LWL, we want to be an organization where children can be mentored and feel empowered to reach their fullest potential; and to know there are no limitations on what they can achieve in life if they focus and work hard at it.

Sharon Lockett

Leaders Without Limits of New Jersey, Inc.

Operating out of:

At The Cross Outreach Ministries, Inc.

63 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07305.

Telephone:  201.241.5186

Email: lwlofnj15@gmail.com

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